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Travelling with Enterprise Taxis 
School Year: 2024/25

Enterprise Taxis sole "taxi" business is to operate Home to School transport contracts on behalf of the Education Authority.  We are a company that always aims to provide reliable and friendly drivers and escorts.  This helps to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere for all children travelling with us.

Start date

Please be aware that we are only permitted to operate our school runs from Monday 2nd September 2023.  

If you child starts school before this date, you will need to arrange alternative transport.

Allocation of contracts

We hope to have our runs issued to drivers and escorts by Monday 26th August and for contact to be made with Parents and Carers by Saturday 31st August

If we have operated your child’s transport before, we will do our best to provide the same driver (and escort) so that your child sees a familiar face.  You should receive a phone call from your driver to let you know that they are operating the transport again and will discuss any changes to the run from last year and the impact it may have on timings

If, however, this is your first experience of having us transport your child, you will get a visit from the driver at some stage throughout the last week in August.  This will give our drivers and escorts an opportunity to introduce themselves and swap contact numbers with you.  In most cases, the people you meet will be allocated to you for the rest of the school year. 

Travelling to and from school

As we have already said, we want all of the children travelling with us to reach their destination both happy and relaxed.  If you can think of anything that may assist in making this happen, please let our drivers know.

Collection and drop off times

Drivers will give you an indication of what time they hope to collect your child in the morning.  This will be adjusted throughout the first couple of weeks of September as we establish the run and learn the best way to operate the route.  Once this is done, the collection and return time should not vary, unless other children are added to the contract.  Please have your child ready for this time as we are only permitted to wait for a maximum of 3 minutes before having to continue with the rest of the run.  Please also ensure that someone is at your house to receive your child when the driver returns them home and remember that we are not allowed to drop them off at alternative addresses unless it is approved by the EA.


The driver/escort will be your main point of contact throughout the school year.  Please notify them if your child is not going to be attending and if you have any queries about the service, do not hesitate to ask them. 

Should you need anything else that the drivers are not able to help you with, please contact our office on 02890644000 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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